Underwood Vineyards

Nestled in the foothills below the Sierra Nevada peaks lays an awe-inspiring piece of land – rich in flora, fauna, water and wine. Formerly called Indian Springs Vineyard. History of selling to Napa wineries.


The Landscape

Underwood Vineyards is located in Nevada County’s scenic Penn Valley where High Sierra mountains make their way to the valley. Sited at 1600-1800 feet in elevation, the beauty of flora from the valley mixes with all that grows above the ponderosa treeline. Three ridges rise on the western half of the land while two large bodies of water occupy the center. A lazy 60-acre meadow lies on the northern rim with an expansive grove of Old Growth oaks. Tree islands and hammocks stand in various locations while apricot and olive orchards rest elsewhere on the land. Acres of natural habitat are quietly scattered throughout. Wild turkeys, egrets, hawks, osprey and jackrabbits are often seen while wandering the grounds. Native grinding rocks and natural springs hide under tree canopies. Vistas of distant snowcapped mountains are everywhere. (Google maps location)

The Vineyard

Large swaths of grapes ride along three separate ridges while more patches are tucked into the land. The vineyard is swept by microclimates, sitting safely below the snow line yet above any coastal or valley fogs. This unique site was specifically selected and cultivated in the 1980s to produce premium grapes. The fruit had so impressed industry maven Jed Steele of Kendall Jackson fame that he oversaw winemaking efforts for a label which had been using grapes grown here. Today the estate not only sells its harvest to prominent wineries but is also considered Nevada’s County’s largest vineyard and has been estimated to account for roughly half of the entire county’s yearly harvest.

The Homesites

There are numerous unique homesite options throughout the vineyard.

We have selected a few of our favorite spots to help your imagination.

Click a homesite in the map below to see an aerial video pan.

The Water

While most of Northern California’s drought-riddled countryside struggles for water, Underwood Vineyards has an abundance of clear gold. Two large bodies occupy a region near the center of the property. The lake is roughly 20’ deep with a volume of 60 acre-feet. In addition to allowing for some spectacular fishing, it acts as a private reservoir holding tremendous amounts of irrigation water. It is currently brimming. At great expense much of the significant irrigation canal which feeds the property was put below ground. The estate also has numerous wells drilled throughout.

The Business

Cutting edge infrastructure allows for seamless irrigation across the entire property. In fact, five weather stations and real-time state-of-the-art satellite-based systems monitor weather conditions. 60 acres of planted vineyard have overhead frost protection. Connecting the entire property are roughly six miles of roads. The vineyard operation itself is essentially turn-key with the same, decades-old staff in place to oversee the cultivation and production of the grapes. Plus a professional management has been contracted to oversee the 2016 fruit cultivation and harvest.

The Lifestyle

Penn Valley is located near historic Nevada City, just minutes away from fine restaurants and boutique shopping, first-rate mountain biking, and only an hour’s drive to world-class skiing.  Plus the activities of the surrounding area don’t get much better than those found right on the property. Hiking, fishing, camping, and biking are all available from the backyard. A small lakeside cabin comprised of a kitchen and bar, make afternoon picnics on the beach an everyday option. For grander entertainment, a clearing across the lake has welcomed special events and several concerts including one headlined by a renowned country star.